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It’s all about ginger! Everything with ginger. A healthy root that has a spice to it and a lot of benefits. You can find it in a lot of things these days but the thing that I like the most is ginger beer.   

I found out just recently about this miraculously drink. Yes, I was living under a rock and the news do not travel that fast down here. 

Besides the health benefits that are involved here, you will also have quite an experience that will tickle your taste buds.

For me, personally, it’s an alternative for a soft drink and  healthier version of them. Of course you can find concentrates and other chemical substances that will not make you happy but in the end it way better than other soft beverages(you can also pick a bio drink that has even less additives). It can also be a good alternative if you want to quit drinking and you are not a fan of the alcohol-free beer taste.

Also, as a former bartender, it’s a challenge to mix this drink and create something unique, with or without alcohol.