All tops with Ginger Products

We dedicated our time to try everything under the sun that has ginger and make a tot for them. Because we are based in Amsterdam the majority of products are from The Netherlands and maybe different counties in Europe, I am sure a lot of them you can find globally and is not you can check our DIY section and make something nice for yourself.

The Worst Ginger Beers

If you have good ones, you will have some bad ones as well. Here you can find our not so good Top for ginger beers .

Best to Worst Ginger Shots

A fast way to revive your spirits.

The Best Ginger Beers

We tested tens of ginger beers from around the world to taste them for you to find out which one is the best. Too sweet? Too spicy? We have them all!

Best Ginger Lemonades

Ginger lemonades are a go-to drink! Refreshing, spicy and tasty. here you can find our favorite and less favorite drinks.