Heath benefits of ginger

I have to say I was surprised with this miraculous root and it;s benefits!

The most important one for me has to be the fact that it makes my nausea disappear . A ginger tea, just chewing a piece of it or drinking a ginger beer seems to help.

Let’s see what this root can do for you.

1. Reducing gas and improving digestion

Some studies indicate that enzymes in ginger can help the body break up and expel this gas that forms in the intestinal tract during digestion. In addition, ginger may help increase movement through the digestive tract, suggesting that it may relieve or prevent constipation.

2. Relieving nausea

Yaaaasss! This might just be my favorite miracle that this magic root does! For me it can be even a Ginger beer that helps. A cold fresh ginger drink will go perfectly with a heavy meal and in the end you will not feel like a balloon.

3. Easing a cold or the flu

This is another good one. I have to say whenever I feel my nose a bit stuffy or my throat is hurting, a fresh ginger and lemon tea does the trick. Better to prevent 😉 !

4. Relieving pain

Muscular pain to be more precise. It is said that 2 grams of fresh or heated ginger will relieve the pain after a thorough  workout. Don’t be fooled, it will not make it go away 100%.

5. Keeps Your Mouth Healthy

Ginger’s antibacterial power may also brighten your smile. That does not mean that you don;t have to wash your teeth every day! The  gingerols( Active compounds in ginger ) keep oral bacteria from growing.

There are other studies that suggest ginger and the active substances in it can slow some cancer cells growth or  help with the blood pressure, can help with menstrual pain(praise the lord for that) and so one. The studies in those cases are little and in small groups. Until bigger research is done I will not venture to say what ginger can do or can’t. For the moment I only list the things that I have tried and see a difference.